Review – Truvia

Truvia is a calorie-free sweetener from the stevia leaf, when I was first contacted by Truvia I had no idea what the stevia plant was so I had to some investigating…

“The stevia plant is native to Paraguay, where people have grown, harvested and used it as a sweetener for hundreds of years. Today, it is grown in Asia and South America due to its need for long hours of daylight, water and warmth.”

I was interested in the idea that this was a sugar like substance that tastes the same but you need less of it that sugar and it’s calorie free. The only time we really use sugar in our household is Mr Very Busy’s coffee and when we bake.


We decided to put it to the test…

Mr Very Busy took the sweetener dispenser to work as he drinks a fair bit there and I thought I’d give some of the recipes a go. There are tons of recipes on the website to give you some ideas about what you can create at home with Truvia.


The whole family enjoyed trying something new. The taste is really similar to sugar and it was nice to know that there wasn’t any calories in Truvia.

If you fancy something different instead of sugar then give this a try.

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