A balancing act

Having two small children is the best thing I have ever done but at times it’s a real challenge. At the moment Little M is teething and has been struggling at night to stay asleep. Both girls are normally so good but when they are teething or poorly their sleep is constantly interrupted. Maybe I’ve been spoilt by having two little girls that have on the whole slept well so that when they don’t sleep it really hits us hard.

So at the moment we have Little M teething is waking up a few times in the night and quite often waking really early not going back to sleep. So over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen 1am, 3am, 4am and 5am as wake up and stay up times!

Little M is being so clingy during the day and barely leave my side so then Big M hardly gets a look in which makes me feel so guilty. It’s so hard to balance my time between them at the moment. It reminds me of when Little M was first born and I struggled with getting the two different routines of a new born and a 16 month old. That was tough and I remember getting really down about it at the time as I was so frustrated. The thing is now I know that this is just a phase and Little M will be back to her normal self soon (I hope!)

The thing is as she is being really clingy, she’s not able to get herself back to sleep like she normally can. If she wakes up I can just run in and give her the dummy and she drifts back off in no time. Over the past week she’s not been able to do this and is getting herself in a right flap. This week I have slept in her cot at least 3 times, and when I say cot I mean cot. I am cramped into a tiny space held hostage by a 20 month old as when I try to creep out she sits up and points to the pillow for me to lie back down again. It’s got to a point where I’ve been taking her into bed with me so we can both attempt to get some sleep. Even though we have a super kingsize bed (My Very Busy is 6ft 4 and doesn’t fit comfortably in a normal double or kingsize) last night me and the hubby were pushed to the edges of the bed while Little M wriggled around kicked me in the face. Oh the joys of parenthood.

The balancing act comes in when Big M wakes up at 6.30 really needing a wee and a cuddle and doesn’t want to come into Mummy’s bed and wants to go downstairs to watch snoopy. And all the time we are discussing that I worried about Little M in my bed and the fact that she fell out of it yesterday and I need to tell Mr VB that I’m not in the bed anymore.

So here’s to Sunday, another day in which I can count the number of hours sleep I’ve had on just one hand but at least I get to spend it my gorgeous girls and not have to go to work today.

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