A Christmas Shopping List

Since starting this blog just over a year ago I didn’t realise how many amazing products are out there from small independent companies. Throughout the year I have been privileged to review many different products and I thought I would create a Christmas Shopping List for you (click on the links to check out the reviews and links to the company websites):

The first product I was given the opportunity to review was a personalised nursery rhyme CD from Barafundle. This is a great way to get the children listening to stories especially as they are a part of the story.

I have reviewed a couple of personalised books as well the first from a company called My Magic Name. These books tell a magical story incorporating your little one within the story. The second one is from The Book of Everyone, this a unique book which has a very interesting and interactive website which helps you create a book for any of any age. I would highly recommend this book as it would make a great present.

I’m a little obsessed with subscription boxes at the moment and I think a subscription box is a wonderful idea for a gift as it just keeps on giving. Bookawoo is a book based subscription service for children and I was pleasantly surprised with the books we received. I did the review back in June and the girls are still reading the books and drawing in the colouring books.

Another subscription box we have been able to play with was Busy Box, this is a fun craft box for children from the age of 3. We were sent a pirate box but there are so many to choose from. Big M really enjoyed creating the pirate sword and working with the various crafts that were sent in the box.

I also had a lovely experience working with Child’s Play Books. This company has a lovely selection of books and my girls have enjoyed reading the books we were sent over and over again .

I hope you have a look at these reviews and choose some of these products as part of your Christmas shopping.

Gift pile


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