Review – Kidstrapp

Having two small children an be a little stressful sometimes especially when we go out of the house and go on a family trip. It can be quite scary especially if I’m on my own and we head to a busy place. I want to know that my children are safe at all times and as they get more and more adventurous that can be a little bit more tricky.

Me and Mr VB have been looking at various ways in which we can keep the girls safe when  we are out and about. When I contacted Kidstrapp about their product I was interested to see if this could the solution to our problem.

Kidstrapp is exactly what it says – a strap and an app, both designed to give you a bit of extra peace of mind when out with your children in busy places. In the unlikely event that your little one disappears out of view, whoever finds them can also scan the band to retrieve your contact details. In areas where signal is bad they will be able to access your chosen meeting point and take your child straight there – you’ll be sent a text letting you know and hopefully be reunited before there’s time for tears!

We decided to give Kidstrapp a go when we headed to a local petshop/wildlife one afternoon. We wrote my phone number on the kidstrapp, downloaded the app and followed the simple instructions to link the strap to the app. We put a kidstrapp on both the girls and we were ready to go.

The kidstrapp was easy to put on and after a while Big M and Little M didn’t bother with them any more. That was one of my worries that they would spend all their time playing with it rather than having a fun time on our afternoon out.

Me and Mr VB had a practice with the app, I ‘lost’ Big M and he had to download to app and try to get me back with my daughter.

The app was simple enough to download and all Mr VB had to was to scan the barcode on the strap and then I was sent a pop up on my phone to tell me that Big M had been located.

This is a really simple, effective and relatively inexpensive to use. It’s £3 for a pack of 3 bands and 79p to download the app (if you’re the one with the children- if you’re the rescuer it’s free!) If you want to know that your children have a extra layer of protection I would give this a go. Spread the word as this such a new product and the more people that use is and tell others the more people will be aware in case they come across a lost child.

Thank you Kidstrapp for letting me test this product.



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