Review -Magnet Stories

Big M and Little M love a good story and I liked the idea of them having the chance to create their own stories to help them develop their language as they get older.

I was interested in how Chatterbox Planet Magnet Stories would help me teach my children about how to create stories.

Everything that we needed was beautifully packaged and added to that extra excitement when we opened it. We got a white magnetic board, a pen and some illustrated magnets and me and the girls were ready to start.

There are some playing suggestions which were really useful, but as my children are still very young we looked at choosing a selection of magnets and trying to create a story using them.

Both girls enjoyed using the magnetic board and it was nice to use something that was visual and kinaesthetic at the same time. It can be all too easy to download an app that may do something similar but I really don’t think that you would get the same experience.

If you’re looking for an interesting stocking filler that a bit different and encourages creativity (which I am all for) then this could be the gift for you.



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