New Christmas Traditions 

Happy Christmas Eve!! 🎄🎅🏼🎄

As the girls get older it’s really important for me to have Christmas traditions that the girls will remember and love every year.

This year I introduced the Christmas Eve box 📦. I couldn’t quite bring myself to pay £30-£40 for a personalised box so this year I nicked a photocopier paper box from work and wrapped it in Christmas  paper. The girls didn’t care, they were so excited when I brought it out and told them about the surprises they were going to get throughout the day.

First up was a biscuit decorating kit. 

Both of them loved making a ridiculous amount of mess in the kitchen, but who cares it’s Christmas!

They then scoffed the biscuits 🍪😁

We then had a colouring books, which they both love anyway.

Little M had her nap, they had their dinner then off to the grandparents they went with Mr VB so I could have a little time on my own (I hoovered, washed up and sorted some laundry) ☺️

I had to get them into their Christmas jumpers tho first…


After tea it was time for the last surprise…and of cause it was some new pjs 🎅🏼

I have really enjoyed our new Christmas tradition especially as I was struggling to feel Christmassy this year. My children are finally starting to play with each other and it’s so lovely to see. 

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you enjoy all your Christmas traditions old and new. 

Best wishes for the new year 


The Very Busy Mummy x

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