New Year’s Resolutions

As 2016 comes to a close I would imagine I’m not the only one who is taking stock of what has happened and what I would like to happen in 2017.

For many 2016 hasn’t been the greatest and I don’t think it will be until we have seen 2017 will we know the full effect of the decisions people have made (I don’t want to get political but you know what I mean).

For me personally, 2016 was the year I was made redundant, I turned 34, I started a new business venture, developed my blog, took my youngest on her first holiday, when on the sick with anxiety, started a new job and I’m sure there’s much more but what I do know is that I haven’t had much sleep so my brain hasn’t been on top form this year!

When I started to think about what I wanted for me and my family in 2017 all I could really think was that I want us all to be happy. For each of us that’s going to involve different things. I want to be able to relax a little more, try and make more time for me rather than being mummy or wife all the time (not that there is anything wrong with that it’s just I think I need to remember what I felt like before I became those things). I also want to be there for my children, sometimes I’m with them but my mind is elsewhere because of work, or I’m just so tired! My children deserve all of me when I am with them. My phone, social media and yes this blog will have to take a back seat when I am with them as they are distractions to what is happening in front of me.

My husband wants to get fitter. He has played various sports in his lifetime but in the past few years (since Big M was born really) he’s knocked it on the head as we both needed to be at home and if one of wanted to be out then his sister would come and help put the girls to bed. We don’t need that any more and they are more and more independent. I bought him a month’s membership to a gym for Christmas (yes I know that was risky but he was pleasantly surprised and grateful that I’d given him a kick up the bum!)

For my children who are far too young to be worried about resolutions – I would like them to be as adventurous as possible, not be scared and to laugh until they are fit to burst. If they do all these things I know I will have done my part by being there for them and encouraging all of this.

Whatever your new year’s resolutions are for 2017 make them realistic. At school we talk about SMART Targets and not to sound too much like a teacher it means:






I think it’s something to think about when setting personal targets. I have a friend how sets himself a new challenge every year. Whether it’s to run a marathon, work on his photography or take up doing triathlons. He is an exception as he completes his targets every year no matter how unrealistic they may be, but I suppose he is an example of if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything.

Wishing you all the very best for 2017 I hope it brings you everything you wish for and more 🙂


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