Pizza making

Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, maybe I should have titled this post pizza decorating! 

I decided today that me and Big M would decorate a pizza and talk about how food was made and didn’t just appear out of no where. 

We started off with a ready made pizza base. I mainly did this as I didn’t have the time to make one from scratch. 

We put tomato 🍅 sauce on the top which Matilda enjoyed a lot.

We then added the cheese 🧀 

And finally we added the hot dog sausages to make a pattern. I was aiming for a happy face but I think Matilda just wanted to make it look pretty. Although at one point she called it a snow man 😂

This was such a simple and not very expensive activity which didnt take very long. Matilda was particularly excited to see the pizza 🍕 cooking in the oven. We’ll definitely be doing this again. 

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