Review – Matchstick Monkey

Teething is one of the worst things that as a mummy you have to deal, yes I know it’s the children that have to go through the pain but as a mummy it’s so tough to know what to do for the best.

Little M has begun teething again with her fangs and it was killing me, I hardly slept and when I did it was in her cot, pretty much held hostage!

I heard about Matchstick Monkey and I was intrigued about how this could help Little M cope with her teething pain.

We were sent a yellow one, I liked the way that it was presented in a plastic tube so the monkey could be seen from all angles.


Both Big and Little M wanted to play with the Monkey at first until I explained that this was just for Little M.

The plastic is so soft and durable, there is a ribbed section on the Monkey’s head and Little M used this to rub her gums.

I think that this a great product and I think if you introduce this to a younger child they will be able to use this all the time when their teeth are hurting them (without thinking it’s toy!)


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