Back to Square One…

…As you may have heard I was made redundant in August from my full time teaching job which I had held since 2004. It was tough but we managed and I was so pleased when I managed to score a long term position in another local secondary school until June. I felt as though my prayers had been answered. We would be able manage after all.

I was under the impression that this could lead to a permanent position so I showed willing, I followed the rules of the school, I put on performances and I offered extra curricular activities. All things that a supply teacher isn’t really expected to do. I planned for the next two years for the GCSE class as nothing had been left, I created resources and tried to improve my own knowledge of the subject by sourcing more information.

So imagine my confusion, frustration and anger when I was called into an office on Thursday to be told that as of Monday I would not be needed as they were dissolving the subject and the children would be looked after by another department. Even though GCSE classes…these would be non specialists teaching a brand new specification without any training…good luck guys coz you’re gonna need it!!

Needless to say I walked straight out of there, clearly this was all about money and not about children’s education. They did not care that I had planned for this half term as well as next half term for Key Stage 3, that I’d planned assessments and worked hard with the students to develop a relationship so they would be feel confident at performing. Now don’t get me wrong there were some huge challenges in the school and I was at logger heads with a select few of the student, but I kind of felt that we were getting somewhere.

Why did I even bother??

I know why I bothered, because I care. I care about the work that I do. I care that I do a good job and I care that the students have a good learning experience. How am I to do that when the school isn’t supportive of the subject, me or the students?

Anyway Thursday was a pretty crap day. I felt as though I’d let my family down by being out of a job again. Me and my husband had planned our budget for the year and even booked a mini break in feb to Berlin on the premise that I would have work until June. As you can imagine the panic set in.

However, today was a new day.

I had already planned that I wouldn’t be at work today and booked to go to a very lush spa. Unfortunately my friend couldn’t come with me so I phoned my mum and luckily she was able to come too. On the way there I had two phone calls, one from an agency asking me if I was available to work and another asking me to join their agency. When I left the spa I had a message from a dance school to see if would be able to teach some classes for them. I pretty pleased to myself to be honest, only one day out of work and already I felt as though I had options.

So I’m back to square one…I think I’ll be okay this time though. I’m stronger this time !


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