Child free holiday 

I haven’t been the best at keeping up with my blog recently. It’s been tough to keep my focus when stuff with my job hasn’t been great and the blog was feeling a little like a job. But hopefully things are little more settled

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what that’s got to do with the title of this post!

Me and the hubby have just come back from a few days away…child free! We booked it a few months  ago when things were a little more secure. Basically I’d been told that I would have a job until June. We’d budgeted for all kinds of stuff and we decided that we could afford to go away. Turns out my job wasn’t that secure and 3 weeks ago I was told that the school was rethinking its structure and I would no longer be needed. When  I’m your on supply you don’t really have a leg to stand on. I was so incredibley worried about how we were going to cope and stressed about going on holiday. I felt so foolish that we were spending money on going away when we really should be squirrelling it away ‘just in case’! But we couldn’t do anything about it now, everything was booked and paid for, so on Sunday we set off for Berlin.

I’d been to Berlin once before when I did a small stint travelling around Europe. I’d stayed in a hostel then – this was going to be different! We’d booked a very nice hotel in the historic centre that had a spa. It was going to be lush 😊

We arrived on Sunday and went out pretty much straight away. We had a gorgeous steak and drank a hell of a lot of beer 🍻 

In Germany the beer is bigger than my head 😂😂

We spent the next couple of days wandering around, seeing the sights and we pretty much talked about the girls the whole time we were there. 

It was great to spend some quality time together, I know this sounds really cheesy but it’s been a while since me and Mr VB spent 3 full days together without the children. We love our children very much but we needed some time to reconnect. 

It’s been quite full on since we came home on Wednesday, but I’m hoping that we can remember the time we have together in Berlin when we get a bit stressed with each other and calm the chuff down 😊

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