My left handed daughter

As a right handed person it never occurred to me that I would have a daughter that would be left handed. From very early on it was clear that Big M was favouring her left hand. I used to think it was because I was right handed and I would feed her with my right hand. (Turns out that’s a load of rubbish as I’ve fed Little M the same and she’s definitely a righty)

It occurred to me today that I really need to focus on Big M’s left handedness as I don’t want her to be at a disadvantage. Not that she’s at a disadvantage because she is left handed but I’m a bit worried about how she holds her pen etc.

What shocked me today when I did a quick google search into how to support my left handed daughter was on the same google page was the links to cutlery for special needs children. That angered me a little. Being left handed isn’t a special need, it’s who she is!

My next step is to speak to Big M’s teacher at school to see what things we can do at home to support her development as a left handed child. I’m also going to be on the phone to Big M’s God Mother who also happens to be left handed to see what things she did when she was growing up.

I got some left handed scissors and a book that will assist with her hand writing skills. We’ve had a go and it’s interesting to see her use a pen especially as she wants write on the page right to left.

It’s going to be interesting working with Big M as it’s all new to me! Wish us luck 🙂


2 thoughts on “My left handed daughter

  1. We will have to swap tips. Noah is left handed. He favours to write from right to left and he writes words backwards. He starts school in September so new challenges will begin.

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