A letter to my littlest girl

My dear Little M,

It’s just under a week until you turn 2, I can’t believe that my baby is going to be 2! How did that happen?

I remember telling people I was pregnant and Big M was only about 8 months old, I so many comments about how close you two would be and how much I would have my hands full. Some people even looked at me with pity as I had would end up with 2 under 2. They had no idea about how much joy you would bring to our family.

You are so different to your big sister, who has struggled with some of her mile stones and taken a little longer to walk and talk. To be honest I don’t think I don’t remember a time when you weren’t talking or at least making noises. Big M was always so quiet, it’s only now that she’s become a chatter box like you!

When you first arrived it was a challenge getting the two routines right between you and Big M, I remember so clearly once trying to go out for a walk but having to race back as you screaming your little lungs out as you had suddenly decided you needed feeding right there and then. It used to take forever to get out of the house!!

Very quickly you became so independent, first rolling around, then drawing, walking and now running around like a lunatic. You always make everyone when they meet you, your kind and polite which makes me so proud. I can’t wait for you to start nursery next week so more people can meet you and can make them happy too.

So many people even your daddy have asked me if we would have any more children and I have always said no even before I met you. I always knew that you would complete our family.

Little M, you make me laugh every day, you have such a gorgeous smile (even though you chipped your tooth a couple of weeks ago), your bossy, independent and so very cheeky and I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

Happy birthday my darling girl.

Lots of love

Your very busy mummy xxx


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