Review – Finders Key Purse

If you’re anything like me your bag is full of all sorts from dummies, toys, crayons, nappies, wipes and of cause food, then maybe this is the product for you. I constantly wondering where my keys are in my bag and this could help with that.

The Rocket Tree has products which can help with the organisation in your handbag, in particular the Finders Key Purse. There are a variety of designs, I chose the butterfly ones as Big M is a little obsessed with butterflies at the moment.


The idea is that you click your keys onto the keyring and hook it onto the outside of your bag. This is a nice concept, however I think I prefer to hook mine onto a pocket on the inside of my bag for security reasons.

I found the product well made and very easy to use. The only issue for me was after I had used my keys I needed 2 hands to put my keys back in my bag. Yes this isn’t a massive deal but when you’re trying to stop your two year old from running off it’s a bit of a deal.

Really nice for a stocking filler at Christmas or a cute little treat for mothers day.

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