Busier than usual

This week is going to be an interesting one!

I’ve managed to get myself a long term supply post teaching drama in a local secondary school so I’m here all week, in addition to that my husband is starting his new job. He is going to be working from home but the company is has joined is based in Oxford so he’s down there for most of the week. His parents have taken him down there and my parents are sunning themselves in Portugal!

My whole support system has abandoned me 😦

I know that I can manage on my own, but it’s always nice to know that someone else is picking up the slack.

The thing that I like about being on my own is that I am in charge. Don’t get me wrong I in charge most of the time anyway which can be a bit overwhelming and it’s nice when Mr VB takes over. But when it’s just me I don’t have to any compromising.

This week is going to be a tough one but the school breaks up on Friday and I have 2 weeks off, so it’s not all bad. For the next 2 weeks I’ll be at home with my gorgeous girls and my husband working from home so we’ll be able to spend more as a family.

However, I am itching for some ‘me’ time.

I think a girl’s night out is in order…all I have to now is find the energy 🙂

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