The first day of the holidays 😀

As a teacher I am in the fortunate position to have the school holidays, being a supply teacher at the moment means I don’t  get paid while I’m off but at the moment I really don’t care. I’m in need of a break and desperate to spend some quality time with my gorgeous girls. 

I didn’t want to be running around today. I thought about going to the nearest sure start centre for some free activities but I died decided that I wanted to be in my comfiest trousers (the ones I bought for my maternity leave after having Little M) and stay at home. 

We spent some time outside, the weather was no where near as warm as yesterday and I don’t think Little M was massively impressed with the lack of heat 😂 

However, Big M loves being outside as she gets to do her favourite thing in the world which it is draw. You may have seen my photos of our outside chalk board. She loves to draw and she adds meaning to her drawings more and more which is such a joy to see.

After lunch Little M was ready for her nap so that gave me and Big M some quiet time. Little M is a quite a force of nature and has a tendency to grab all my attention so it was lovely to have some one on one time working on her letter formation. She refers to it as her Letter Book. So cute 💕

After Little M had her nap as was brought round with some chocolate buttons I brought out the big guns…a decorate your own fairy wings kit. What is not to love!!?? Lots of glitter glue and gem stickers! 

Overall had a lovely day today, fingers crossed that I get a bit of a lie in tomorrow…anything passed 6am would be amazing! 

Here’s to the rest of the holidays 😀

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