Happy Easter 🐣 

This Easter holiday I wanted to spend as much quality time with the girls as much as possible, I wanted them to have a little more understanding about what Easter was about and I wanted to be able to let my hair down a little and stress over the little things.

Our Easter activities started off with making some chocolate nests on Good Friday, we had some friends coming over so it was the perfect excuse to have a go. We popped our aprons on, Big M had her Little Cooks one on (review coming soon of their subscription box) and Little M had her Gruffalo one on. We were ready to get into a chocolatey mess!! 🍫😀

On Easter Saturday we decorated our very own Easter Bonnets. This is something I’ve wanted to do for the past couple of years but the girls have always been too young. We did it very simply as we just had stickers, ribbon and some eggs. Both girls enjoyed decorating their bonnets. 

And finally on Easter Sunday we had our very first Easter Egg Hunt!! I think I was more excited than the children 😂. We were at my mother in laws for lunch and I was hoping to do the hunt in the garden but it had rained and Big M’s new shoes had rubbed her which makes was annoying so I didn’t want her to wear them again. Note to self don’t buy cheap shoes! 

Any I digress…I told the girls that the Easter Bunny had got confused and lost some of his eggs and they had to try and find them. They listened with such intent and were so excited to see if they could find the eggs 😀. We went into the living room and the girls searched high and low. Little M got the gist a bit quicker than her older sister but very soon they were both running around and finding the eggs. This was so lovely to watch as they squealed with delight!  Then I think the best part of the day for them was to be able to crack open the plastic eggs to reveal 2 very little chocolate eggs that I had gotten from the market last week. Chocolate seconds are awesome (and cheap)

This Easter has been a lot of fun as I got to do brand new things with the girls, traditions that I want to continue for a good few years yet!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter xx


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