The end of the Easter hols 😩

I don’t know about you but these 2 weeks seem to have gone on forever, not in a bad way. I’ve loved being at home and playing with my girls. We’ve done so much but not spent that much money which is always a worry in the school hols especially when you’re on supply and don’t get paid when you don’t work.

I’ve tried to do some easter themed activities over the easter weekend. Like making chocolate nests,

Easter bonnet decorating

And an Easter egg hunt! 

We’ve been to a zoo, soft play and been to see family and friends.

On our last day of the hols we played in the garden, even putting on sunscreen and wearing sun hats!

Ending with an ice cream on the beach. 
Now the children are getting older I’ve found we are having more fun and more quality time that actually means something. The joy I see in their faces fills me with so much love.

I can’t wait for the next half term holiday 😊


4 thoughts on “The end of the Easter hols 😩

  1. Lovely times! I only had a week with my two thanks to differing term dates, but I did enjoy my week of doing the school run then coming home alone and indulging in craft time and lunch with friends before collecting them again. Hoping for a busy term on supply though to save up for summer!

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    1. It’s so nice to have that balance. I’m booked in for another 2 weeks at the same school I was at before the hols. Really hoping I get to be there until at least half term. That would help loads. I’m also marking this year, which will be hell but worth it! 😊


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