Review – Uncommon goods – Father’s Day gifts

When you get an email from a gift company in Brooklyn New York asking you if you’re interested in reviewing some products, you could be forgiven for getting a small flutter in your stomach from excitement!! Obviously I said yes especially when the review was for Father’s Day gifts. If you have a husband or partner like mine you’ll understand the struggles of finding a suitable gift. My husband has a habit of falling in love with an item and ends up buying it himself without evening mentioning it to me…which is annoying!!

I know in that Father;s Day isn’t for a couple of months yet, but there is no harm in getting organised. Believe me, have a look at this website and you WILL find something that is suitable and pretty cool.

The Uncommons Goods Company has a such a vast array of products I was hopeful that he would be able to find something that would take his fancy. There are so many products to choose from for all occasions for men, women and children.

I was interested to find out more about the Uncommon Goods Company…it was founded in 1999 and is seen as a platform for artists and designers to sell their products. Over half of the products that are sold are hand made with most being created in America. I could tell while I looked through the website that this was a company that cared about their customers as well as their suppliers. The photos look great and the write ups are informative.

So  we were I’ve the task of finding a suitable Father’s Day gift for my ‘very difficult to buy for husband’. My husband has many interests, sport, science, food, drink so there many things that he would like. We finally decided on a set of American Football themed glasses, the glasses had ‘plays’ on them. I didn’t really know what that was but Mr VB seemed to know!


The glasses arrived about a week after we ordered them and to say that they have come from America and it was the Easter weekend I was pretty impressed with that timescale. The glasses were well packaged and protected so were delivered safe and sound. The four glasses are very good quality, Mr VB was particularly impressed with the American football detail on bottom of the glass.

I will definitely be ordering from this website again, if you’re ordering from the UK just check that the product is shipped over here as there are some restrictions.

Thank you Uncommon Goods for letting me review your website and product. Cheers!





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