Review – Good Bubble

It can quite a struggle to find a decent bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner especially when one of your children have a slight skin condition, so when I was contacted by Good Bubble I was interested to see if it would be suitable for girls.

Good Bubble is a relatively new company who were successful on Dragon’s Den and are now working with Deborah Meaden who is keen to improve the way we treat our skin. Little M has a slight case of eczema and I’ve been trying out a few products that would help the condition. Having the condition as a child I know how uncomfortable that can be.

We were sent some Super Bubbly Bubble Bath with Dragon Fruit Extract, I must say it really is pretty super bubbly! The girls love to have bubbles in their bath and they have a lot more than they normally do with this bubble bath. Little M’s skin is doing well, we’ve been using it for just over a week and there haven’t been any adverse effects. On the website it states the bubble bath has “super cool superfruit ingredients and super safe formulations. Jam-packed with antioxidants, the moisturising Dragon Fruit extract helps nourish young skin and keep it safeguarded from harmful outside elements”.

When it comes to shampoo, I am very happy with the shampoo that we already use which is a foam based on. I was happy to give Clean as a Bean Shampoo with Cloudberry Extract a go. The shampoo smelt lovely and was relatively easy to use, but I do find the foam easier to regulate and it lasts for ages. When I was rinsing Little M’s hair some of the shampoo got into her eyes and she did cry, so I’m not sure I would use this product again.


I loved the Smoothy Softy Conditioner with Cloudberry Extract, the smell is gorgeous and made both girl’s hair so soft and so easy to brush after bath time which can often be a struggle.


The bubble has been a great success, we have used pretty much the whole bottle this week! The conditioner smells great and will definitely be continuing using it in the future.

Thank you Good Bubble for letting me review your products.


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