Review – Hippychick Dream Tubes

Little M turned 2 at the end of March and Mr VB has been itching to take the sides of her cot down so she can be in her big girl bed. We had put Big M in her bed a month or so after she had turned 2 so he felt she was ready. I was a bit reluctant as this is a major sign that I don’t have any babies in the house. Not that I’m wanting to have any more children, but this is a huge sign that both my children are growing up.

This makes me a little sad.

Anyway, we had made the decision that we would take the sides down a couple of weeks ago, and then I was contacted by Hippychick to see if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products. I looked through the website and found the Dream Tubes. The Hippychick website describes the Dream Tubes as ‘the ultimate solution to overcome the issue of young children falling out of beds, and aids the often difficult transition from a cot to a bed. It is a revolutionary, high quality and easy to use inflatable bed guard that provides a safe and secure night’s sleep for a child’.

I was really interested in seeing if this was a suitable product for Little M as we were at that stage.

The Dream Tubes arrived a couple of days after we had ordered them. Mr VB was very excited and put in the bed as soon as possible. The inflatables side were so simple to blow up and the bed was ready in minutes.

What I really like is fact that the inflatable sides are surrounded by a custom made sheets.

Such a simple, but very clever idea.


Little M is secure in her bed and she hasn’t fallen out once in the week we have had the Dream Tubes in place. I asked Little M to do a photo shoot for me as I didn’t want to disturb her sleep by taking some photos at night, I think we have a model in the making!! She loved pretending to be asleep!


Have a look through the Hippychick website as there are some great products for busy parents who would benefit from some unique products. These range from a toddler hip seat, a foldable pushchair that converts into a backpack and a nightlight that is also a drinking cup!

Thank you Hippychick for letting me review your fantastic product.

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