Love Island

I kind of feel as though I’ve been living under a rock as I’d never heard of love island before last week. It seems to have been spoken about by everyone so last night I decided to see what all the fuss was about…what a pile of shite! 

These young men and woman are actively encouraged to ‘couple up’ for money. In the first episode the female contestants stand in a line in the skimpiest swimsuits possible and choose the boys that they fancy and then the boys choose the girl they want to be with. 

Every single one of the contestants had been primped and preened within an inch of their life. I’m pretty sure that most of the girls had hair extensions, false nails, eye lashes. As I looked in the mirror it made me feel old and fat. But hang on I’m a grown woman, with 2 children. If it’s making me feel that way how is this programme making the young people who are watching it? 

There was not a single person on the show who was average looking, without a thigh gap!! Come on! Where are the real girls???

And then we have the boys…every single one with a perfectly sculpted body. Now don’t get me wrong there were pretty to look at. But let’s be realistic here, if a bloke spends all that time in the gym when are you going to get to see him? My husband has recently started going to the gym, he looks great but I don’t think he’s ever going to get a six pack, and I’m okay with that! 

This post makes me sound old and miserable but I am genuinely concered. I have 2 beautiful girls and I don’t want them to grow up think that they have to put themselves on show in order to attract a boy who has got good ‘chat’ and hot body. 

I know it’s fun to watch real people but this kind of programme encourages young people to think all they have to do is make themselves pretty, get on a show, pimp themselves put, become ‘famous’ then they don’t have to work for a living. 

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