The end of the (school) year

I truly thought that this was going to be the worst year of my life, without a full time job I was so concerned about how we were going to survive as a family on less money and the stress of me not knowing where I was going to be from week to week, in fact day to day.

I couldn’t have been able to cope this year without the support of my amazing family, especially my mum and dad. They travel an hour up the coast every Wednesday and Friday just in case I get the call to go into work. I hope that when I’m a Grandparent I will also be as self sacrificing as they have been. I know that they love to spend time with the children, but they know that the free child care is invaluable to us.

I have been to lots of different schools this year, some just for an afternoon some for weeks on end. I’ve been privileged to see how these schools work which I hope will stand me in good stead if and when I am able to secure a permanent job in the future. At the moment that isn’t on the cards, there are no performing arts jobs in the area. The closest one was in Gateshead and I seriously contemplated applying for it even though it would have been close to a 2 hour drive there and back every day. I felt a little bad that I didn’t apply for it because I know I would have been able to drive that dance department forward but at what cost? When would I get to see my gorgeous girls and spend time with my family? I doubt I would even be able to be home to put the girls to bed and based on that I decided it would be best if I didn’t apply.

I keep looking, sometimes I look twice a day ‘just in case’ anything has been added. But sadly the creative and performing arts are slowly disappearing from the school curriculum. I’m hoping that things will come full circle again because how can we live in a society where creativity isn’t recognised as a skill, a skill that is useful in the workplace!

Right, must get off soap box!

Now, don’ get me wrong. There are have been times when I have hated being a supply teacher and that’s mainly when the lines between ordinary teacher and supply teacher have been a little blurred. When you’re on a long term supply post there are certain expectations of you, however, this changes from school to school. The school’s aren’t always clear on what they want you to do and then get annoyed if you’re not following the rules. But if you’re not told the rules, how can you be expected to follow them.

Day to day supply is okay you get to walk in have the work (hopefully) handed to you, you teach the class, you go home. No commitments, no marking, no meetings…what’s not to like about that?

There are certain things that I miss about having a permanent position. One of them being having my own Key Stage 4 classes, yes you have the pressure of getting them their predicted grades, but the connection you have with those students especialy in the dance studio is so unique. I miss watching the students grow in confidence, ability, dedication and maturity to become not only better dancers but they have more of an understanding about who they are. That’s what I miss.

Next week I get to borrow another teacher’s Key Stage 4 class!! I doing 2 weeks of Dance Teaching! I actually get to finish the school year teaching my own subject in a nice school. I couldn’t ask for anything better to be honest. I get to finish the school year teaching the subject that I know and love inside and out. What a great end to the year. 

I’m looking forward to the next school year as I have no idea what it will bring. I’ve qualified as a trainer for one of the exam boards and I’m on the reserve list for adult tutors in the local area so that’s something I have in the pipeline. 

Here’s to a great summer with my gorgeous girls 😀


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