Smug mum 👏🏻

I very rarely feel smug at tea time with the girls especially when I’m trying something new. Yesterday Little M asked for something she had never asked for before…shepherds pie! My jaw nearly hit the floor! This is because she normally doesn’t eat anything at home unless it comes with beans. It’s a totally different story when she’s at the child minders house…there she eats absolutely everything much to my child minders amusement. 

So when Little M asked for a shepherds pie I knew I had to give it a go and just see what happens.

First of all I wasn’t convinced that they actually had shepherds pie at the child minders as that’s made with lamb mince so I took a chance and used beef mince. I browned the chopped onion. Now I always use frozen chopped onion, mainly because be bothered to chop the onions myself but I found that I was wasting so many onions as I don’t use that much a week. 

I then threw in some mince, browned that. Added some water, a beef stock cube, salt and pepper and some gravy granuales. 

I was thinking about how I could add some secret veg in there too as I’m always trying to get Little M to eat more veg. I then had a brain wave, I peeled and boiled a sweet potato, popped it in the food processor and then added it to the mince. I was unsure whether this would work or not but I had nothing to lose. The sweet pototo made the mince really creamy and when I tasted it I was surprised how lovely it was.

I then put some mashed pototo on the top and in the oven it went until the pototo on the top had browned a little. 

I was so nervous when I gave it to the girls and told myself if they didn’t like it then I had a pizza in the fridge…

To my surprise Little tucked straight in! I couldn’t believe it, in fact I was speechless and a little tearful! Totally over the top reaction I know but I was pretty smug!!


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