Review – Bespoke Toy Boxes London

I don’t know about you but I always feel as though I am running out of space for the children’s toys. I don’t think we have too many toys (yet) but we still don’t have enough storage.
I’m looking for some storage that have character and can add to the bedrooms rather than just basic boxes.
I came across company ‘Bespoke Toy Boxes London’ and I was impressed by the detail and the craftsmanship of the various different toy boxes. I looked Bespoke Toy Boxes London further and discovered that they are a London based company manufacturing hand crafted children’s toy boxes, blanket boxes and other bespoke joinery from the ground up. They have a  team of highly skilled joiners have over 60 years combined experience within the industry. Bespoke Toy Boxes London are really hot on child safety and all the products are designed not just to look good but to be safe too with things like ultra-soft close hinges, with child-safe paint and curved, ergonomic designs.
There are lots of different designs, some that are toy boxes that have a seat on the top and some that are blanket boxes. I like the fact that the toy boxes can be personalised and can have small aspects of colour. There are star themes, heart themes I think that one of these toy boxes would add something special to the girl’s bedrooms.
I just have to decide which one I like the  best now!
Have a look for yourself and see which one you would like to have in your home.






2 thoughts on “Review – Bespoke Toy Boxes London

  1. These look cute….I love the idea of bespoke furniture. Something to be thought about, designed for a specific someone or something, treasured and passed on through a family. Much better than the throw away society we’ve become. 💖

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