Review – Sebamed Baby Range

Finding the right bubble bath, soap etc. for my children has been a little challenging because they both have quite sensitive skin. They don’t have bad eczema but it’s pops up every now and again so I’ve been trying to find something that will help with that.

I was contacted by Sebamed who told me their Sebamed Baby range is 100% soap and alkali free and has been created with the same PH 5.5 value of healthy skin. Sebamed products have been clinically proven to promote the development of the skins natural acid mantle.

I was sent 3 different products Baby Wash, Cleansing Bar and Baby Cream. I was interested in seeing how these products would suit my little girls. Both girls are a little old for the baby cream but I passed it onto a friend of mine who has a 6 month old.

I liked the smell of the baby wash and how soft it made the children’s skin. I also really liked the Baby Cleansing Bar, I don’t often buy soap but Little M has enjoyed having the soap in the bath and has been encouraged to clean herself more.

Before I’d been contacted by Sebamed I had never heard of these products before but I’m glad they did because we have nearly run out as we’ve used so much we’ll have to order some more!

Thank you Sebamed for sending The Very Busy household some of your products to try.

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