My little woodland creatures 

As it’s the summer holidays I want to do as much with the kids as possible without costing the earth. In one of the local towns there is a woodlands centre, we haven’t been many times but I think as the girls get older we go more often. 

This week there was a session in which encourages children to be more involved in nature. The idea is that the kids can get wet, dirty and messy without any consequences. Your house doesn’t get messy, they are in a safe environment and they get to do something different. 

My girls were very excited about going to the forest, we had been speaking about it all morning. We got our waterproofs on and set off on our adventure. 

The girls got to experience a mud kitchen, a camp fire, walking in a river, discovering different sights and smells in the woods. They had a great time. I’m not sure what it would have been like if it’s been chucking it down. Hopefully the next time we go the weather will be dry! 

If there is anything like this in your area try and go because it’s such a lovely experience 😀


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