Review – Animal Magic T Shirts

Big M and Little M have a slight (okay huge) obsession with animals. They pretend to be various animals throughout the day, so far Big M has been a bird and a dog!!

When I saw the Animal Magic T Shirts I couldn’t resist getting some for my animal mad little girls. What I really liked about this particular company is that the T Shirts are all made by manufactures who use organic cotton and not as much water is used in production. In addition to that the designs are gorgeous!

Animal Magic T Shirts don’t just do T Shirts but hoodies too for children and T Shirts for adults.

When I ordered our T Shirts the ordering system was really straight forward and I had the difficult task of deciding which animal to get for which child. I eventually decided on Lolopop the dog for Big M and a Giraffe (watch this space for the new name) for Little M. I chose the raspberry colour for both of them.

The T Shirts were delivered in no time and when they did arrive I loved the packaging, clearly Animal Magic T Shirts take a lot of pride in what they do.


Both girls were so excited about trying on their new T Shirts and wanted to put them on straight away!!

The material is so soft and they fit well, I got both of the girls age 3 – 4. It’s a little long on Little M but she is quite tiny 🙂

If you would like to find out for yourself about these lovely T Shirts here’s a 20% discount code for you. It lasts 1st – 31st Aug 2017 VBM20 (all uppercase).

Thank you Animal Magic T Shirts for sending us these T Shirts to review. I think we are going to wearing them a lot this summer!!

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