Review – Bee Smart Toys

We love wooden toys in our house. I love the feel of them, the fact that they feel as though they are going to last for a substantial for amount of time.

When I was contacted by Bee Smart Toys to see if I was interested in reviewing some of their products I jumped at the chance (after having a  sneaky peek at their website) because I saw so many quality looking products.

We were sent a wooden xylophone and a box of biscuits. 

Both girls enjoyed playing with both toys and it was clear to see how well they were made. 

The xylophone provided Big M with lots of entertainment, she loves to make noise!! She was singing away and when I attempted to play from the tune cards it was lovely to see her face light up as she recognised the pieces of music.

The biscuits were great for Little M as she loves to role play. We had cups of tea and pretended to eat the yummy looking biscuits. 

I liked the colourful design of the toys. They looked exciting and interesting and both sparked an interest with the girls. Role play and music are so important in children’s development and these toys definitely encourage these as much possible.

Both products are available to purchase from amazon.

Thank you Bee Smart Toys for letting us review your products 😊

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