It’s the little things…

I went out with my girlfriends last night. We’ve not done it in ages, for starters one of them lives in Dubai for most of the year and the other had a baby 6 months ago. So getting together has been a bit tricky to say the least!

We had a great time, we had a lovely meal, a few drinks and some good chat.

I was going to take them to some lovely new bars we have in town but we ended up in a pub which is a bit seedy but the music was good and danced for about 2 hours! I’ve not done that in such a long time. It’s amazing that just having a good laugh and being silly does for your mood. We are all mums and have to be in charge all the time so it’s great just to let our hair down.

I’d told Mr VB that he was in charge of the early morning get up so when Little M came to collect me at 5am I have him a good kick and I was allowed a full 3 hours extra in bed before the girls were sent upstairs to come and wake me up. It’s now half 10 and Mr VB is back in bed and I probably won’t see him again for a while. He doesn’t do very well with early mornings!!

So now me and the girls are outside. They have sun tan lotion and hats on which we’ve not had to do in ages. We’ve got the slide out, a tent up, drawing, water painting, the chalk board, the play house and jigsaws so I think we are set for a few hours.

I’m having a cuppa watching my children play happily (I don’t know how long that is going to last!) but I tell you what…this is the life! 

Happy Sunday everyone ☀️

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