Summer holiday highs and lows

We have a great 6 weeks holiday from school, I can’t believe they are nearly over. 

I wanted to say what were our highs and lows of the summer:


  • Getting to spend so much time with my children.
  • Lots of fun activities including going to the beach and the forest.
  • Gorgeous sunny weather.
  • Spending time with the friends I don’t normally get to see.
  • Seeing the joy in the girl’s faces when we’ve had a fun day.
  • Watching the girls becoming closer over the summer, playing with each other far more than they did before. 
  • Watching Big M gaining in confidence on her bike 
  • Introducing a sticker chart to encourage Little M to eat her tea. 
  • Not caring about results day 😀
  • Having planned time to myself (spa day!) 
  • Going on my future sister in laws hen do.


  • Making sure I have enough money to do all the things that we have planned.
  • Getting a pretty bad cold due to the weather being up and down.
  • Rainy days!
  • Being bossed around by a 3 years and a 2 year old.
  • Not having a single day when we have slept passed 6am. 
  • Having the pressure of making sure the children eat well every day. 
  • Getting frustrated with Little M for not eating.
  • Finding out that the child minder can no longer have the children when I’m at work and they aren’t with with their grandparents. 
  • Not having a job to go to in September (trying not to worry about that too much)
  • The hangover from my future sister in laws hen do! 

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