Review – The Pasta Kidz

Spaga Spoodle Spo! (Hello!). Keep reading, this will make sense!

My girls love to read, I think I might have mentioned that before!! We like to get new books as often as we can and enjoy to discover new and interesting characters.

We were sent the first in the Pasta Kidz and Petz Adventures series, ‘The Inventing Tubes’

Intertwined with the story is a specially invented Pasta language, showing how differences in both looks and languages do not have to matter. These stories are catered for 4 -7 year olds. I liked the fact that this book didn’t have a specific gender attached to it. It was for both boys and girls. Big M enjoyed reading about Sarah Spaghetti and Marc Macaroni trying their hand at inventing fun Pasta objects – and get a very grumpy Pastaball to play with. We loved the illustrations which are created by Julian Bray.

The Pasta Kidz have their own language which sounds funny, Big M giggled all the way through.

You can purchase the Pasta Kidz and Petz Adventures Series from Waterstones and Amazon – who doesn’t love books in the mail?!

Thank you Bryony Supper for our signed copy. You can follow the most up today adventures on twitter @ThePastaKidz 😊

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