Review – Kid ID

Taking your children out anywhere can be a little scary. If your children are anything like mine – they are fast! Little M has little legs but she runs like a whippet!

I’ve been trying to find something that is going to give me and Mr VB some peace of mind when we are out and about especially when we’re going somewhere new.

I came across Kid-ID and liked the simplicity of the idea and the price (we all love a bargain). The bands are similar to those charity bands that were really popular a while ago. As a parent, group leader or teacher you can have them personalised with any name, number or even a school. They can be colour coded according to group/age etc. The bands are £2 each plus postage and packaging. There are also discounts for larger groups. See the website for more details.

I chose both of my girls to have yellow ones, mainly because if they’d had different ones it would have caused arguments…which wouldn’t have been fun.

I chose to have their names followed by ICE (in case of emergency) and then my mobile number.

The girls wore the bands for the first time a busy local park. The fit well, I’d ordered the smallest ones as we are a family of skinny wrists. The girls were excited to see their names on their bands. I pointed out to them that my mobile number was on there too just in case. It’s going to take some practice with them before they fully understand but you have to start somewhere.

The bands didn’t slip off as they ran off in two different directions as soon as we got to the park. In fact I was only able get photos of them with the bands on while they were on the swings!! I think the bands were comfortable for them, they simply just have to get used to wearing them.

Thank you Hannah from Kid – ID for sending me these bands, we will using them again in the future. You can follow Kid-ID on Facebook and Twitter.

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