Review – Mum’s Meal Planner

One of the things I really hate doing sometimes is thinking about what everyone is having for tea. There are some days I feel really inspired but others when I wish someone else would just take charge.

That’s where Mum’s Meal Planner comes in. For a £2.50 a month you can have all your meals planned for you. This includes simple to follow receipes as well as shopping lists. The main idea is to save you time and money. Both of which are so precious when you’re a parent. 

For example this week in my meal planner was cottage pie, chicken and sweet potato curry with rice and fish pie. All real meals and things that you can simply make at home and potentially bulk cook to save you even more time. 

At the moment I’m trying really hard to encourage my children (especially Little M) to be more adventurous with food. I think it’s my fault really as I’ve not tested their taste buds and to be honest I just wanted them to eat!! We are currently using a sticker reward chart to see if that helps. I’m trying to push them at least once a week to see if I can develop their appreciation for different foods. I don’t think they can eat sausages and chicken nuggets forever! 😩

I think by using Mum’s Meal Planner it will give me some solid ideas for meals for all the family not just my little monsters. We tend not to eat as a family as the girls eat at about 4.30 which is too early for us. As the get older I can imagine we will do it a lot more so the more ideas I have the better. 

Becky who runs Mum’s Meal Planner is a mum too and understands how busy we can get as well as how stressful tea time can be when children don’t want to eat.  So if your wondering what to feed your family this week take a look at the website and drop MMP an email to see if you can get some inspiration. 

FYI this isn’t just for mums, busy dads/grandparents etc can also use this service 😊

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