Review – Mayka Toy Tape

Lego is very popular in our house, it’s great for coordination, creativity and functional maths. As a geeky teacher I’m all for encouraging al of those things so when I was contacted to see if we would like to review a product which would enhance the experience of using Lego I jumped at the chance.

Mayka Toy Block Tape instantly transforms virtually any surface into a base for toy building blocks, figures and accessories, giving a whole new lease of life to this beloved pastime. One side features a bendable, flexible surface with a toy block pattern that is compatible with leading toy block brands and can be cut to any desired size. The other side has a re-usable adhesive backing to allow builders to construct on nearly any object, around corners and on curved surfaces to make 3D creations. So, in other words, building blocks are no longer limited to vertical creations.

My girls have enjoyed creating some interesting objects using the tape and I think it’s a great idea for a play room or a bedroom. They particularly like the idea of creating something that is upside down. It has definitely changed things up when playing with Lego. The possibilities really are endless!

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Mayka stop motion video:–v84

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