Baking Day

We’ve not baked for ages, mainly because I didn’t know where Mr VB had put my food mixer!! I managed to find it the other day in the loft and I knew it would be a weekend activity as the weather was going to be pants.

I wanted to have a Halloween theme so I told the girls we were going to make some monster buns (we call them buns in our house as I’m from Yorkshire) so they were quite excited.

I set the table out with all the ingredients and the food mixer, popped the girl’s aprons on and we were ready to go.

It was very messy (I got covered in flour) and the girls spent most of the time trying to eat all the ingredients before I had time to put in the mixer 🙂

We made a simple vanilla flavoured bun mixture and a buttercream top. I can tell I’ve not baked in so long as my buttercream was a bit runny. I think Big M’s favourite bit (apart from licking the bowl) was seeing the green food colouring being added, she wanted to put more and more in.

We decorated the monsters with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, Little M ate the majority of those…

It was nice to do something a little different with my girls. They worked together and were genuinely interested and stayed focused most of the time.

Today was a fun baking day 🙂


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