Fun and games of being a Supply Teacher

So I have been at this school for about a month now, the drama teacher is off with some mysterious illness ( no one will tell me what it is). Most of the children are great and I’ve had some wonderful lessons with them but there are some serious haters. It’s almost as though it’s my fault the other teacher is off and they are subjected to me.

I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, but I miss the good student/teacher relationship where you can build a connection with the children and get to know them properly so that you can teach them better. When you’re on supply you don’t get the chance to do that because everyone knows that you will be leaving at some point. I’m trying to get across to them that their teacher needs to be able to continue with this work when she comes back but even that’s not working.

To be honest it is more of a year 9 thing, they have chosen their options and as I’m teaching an option subject which many of them haven’t opted for in year 10 and 11 we are on a downward spiral already!

How can I get them more engaged? How can I get them to take the work seriously? These are questions I probably would be asking myself if I had a permanent contract, but at least then I have some say in what I do and how I teach my lessons. When you’re on supply you have to do what you are told because these are not your classes and these are not your students. This frustrates the hell out of me.

I’ve found that this year has been a series of ups and downs of working as a supply teacher. When you are on day to day contracts, you walk in and out of the school you are there for the day, everything can just brush off you as you walk to your car. However, you don’t know where you are going to be day to day. This is especially difficult when you have child care to consider. Then if you get a long term post you know exactly where you are going to be every day, you have a solid income for a few weeks/months which takes the pressure of at home. However, you have no control over what you are doing and you constantly feel as though you are on the back foot as you don’t know all the rules and procedures.

I think I’m just feeling a little down as I wasn’t short listed for a job yesterday which I thought I have a pretty good shot at. It would have made life a lot easier next year, but I have to think that it’s not meant to be and something will come along soon. I am so passionate about my subject and it just upsets me that so many schools aren’t having dance on their curriculum any more. Where are the dancers of the future going to come from?

One thought on “Fun and games of being a Supply Teacher

  1. Supply is tough, I felt the same when I wasn’t shortlisted too. I am only on day to day still, I guess the main positive is that I don’t have to have the same class very often if they’re tricky!

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